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Allen & Company Healthcare Disinfection

RX Clean Systems

RX Clean Systems’ unique, self-sustaining, mobile disinfection system allows trained professionals to come to your healthcare facility and thoroughly disinfect virtually any equipment that can be carried onto our trailer. Even electrical equipment can be cleaned to the highest standard.

Our mobile clean room offers a brand new way to arrest harmful bacteria and mold before they are spread to patients and healthcare professionals by combining tried and true methods of safety, disinfection, and mobility. We ensure the safety of our employees and yours by applying the most stringent precautions possible, inspired by our decades of experience in the IAQ industry. Our protective equipment and air quality control prevent risk of spreading the organisms from the equipment being cleaned, and we use only the highest quality means of physical microbial removal. These means limit the need for use of disinfectant chemicals, which can be irritating and harmful to employees, not to mention pose the risk of creating organisms that are resistant to those chemicals.

Our ultimate goal is to change the standards of healthcare disinfection by bringing the most effective, safe, and efficient approach to the table.

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RXClean Mobile Contents Cleaning Services

Our new, innovative system for pack out and contents cleaning is great for smoke, water, and mold damaged items; microbial disinfection; and so much more! Our system’s primary means of cleaning uses ultrasonics, wherein the process of cavitation removes dirt and debris, while killing microbes. This process reaches down into even the tiniest of spaces for the most thorough clean you’ve ever seen in just two minutes’ time! Our secondary process is steam cleaning for larger items. Steam cleaning has many of the same benefits including killing mold and bacteria, reaching small spaces, and easily removing heavy dirt and debris.

Because our system is fully mobile, and the cleaning happens on-site in real time, it saves time and money!

  • Save on storage and housing costs
  • Get residents back into their homes sooner
  • Contents stay at job site for cleaning—less handling, less loss
  • No need to carefully pack and transport items
  • Allows for simultaneous cleaning of building and contents

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