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Allen & Company Bio-Decontamination Services

ACES staff is trained, insured, experienced and equipped to handle multiple types of bio-hazards.

Allen Enviromental Bio Contamination ServicesEpidemic prevention: We use EPA-registered chemicals, HEPA filtration, proven work practices and effective engineering controls to perform clean-up and wipe-down of all types of environments where illness is spread, when necessary working with Industrial Hygienists to reduce bioaerosols to *ACGIH’s Threshold Limit Values or Biological Exposure Indices, and/or OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Limits, where applicable.

  • Including:  M.R.S.A., M.D.S.A., H1N1 (Swine Flu), Tuberculosis, Avian Flu, C-diff
  • Cruise ships –Our methods are effective against Norovirus or other gastro-intestinal illness outbreaks
  • Schools—we clean where bacteria and viruses are found in greatest concentrations—hand rails, doorknobs, computer terminals, bathrooms, locker rooms, desks, cafeterias, or total wipe-down when needed
  • Hospitals—We understand the dangers of nosocomial (healthcare acquired) infections and the frequency of their linkage to construction activities.  That’s why we are ICRA accredited and trained in infection control and safety, and have dedicated equipment and carefully outlined procedures for disinfection of tools, equipment and personnel, which makes us uniquely suited to work safely in sensitive hospital and healthcare facility environments. 
  • Offices­—We can do complete wipe-down or “hot spot” wipe-down: Phones, computers, door handles, light switches, restrooms, desks, cubicles and breakrooms-- wherever multiple hands touch on a regular basis
  • Clinics—your waiting room likely carries a large bacterial and viral load that regular cleaning crews will leave behind.  Let ACES take care of you and your patients with EPA-registered biocides and HEPA vacuuming.
  • Homes—Hoarding remediation and clean-up after infectious disease exposure.

Allen & Company Bio-Decontamination Services

ACES.   Your choice for Bio-Decontamination.

*American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

ACES. Your Choice™ for Abatement, Duct Cleaning & Bio-Decontamination!
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